• Adventure WV Challenge Course

    Adventure WV Challenge Course

    Cadet Severs tackling the Tough One. Cadets learn to work as a team to overcome the various obstacles at Adventure WV as well as instill self-confidence.

  • Ambush


    Cadets conduct an ambush at the Spring 16 JLDX.

  • Combat Water Survival

    Combat Water Survival

    Two cadets take the "Leap of Faith" from the high dive during the CWST Training.

  • Commissioning (2) May 2016


    The Army welcomes the newest class of Second Lieutenants at the Spring 2016 Commissioning Ceremony.

  • Elliott


    Cadet Elliott showing even though it's cold out, the experience is well worth it at a service learning opportunity.

  • First Salute

    First Salute

    2nd Lieutenant Seelig receives his first salute from former Navy Seabee during Vietnam, Pastor Milford Watters, at the Spring 2016 Commissioning Ceremony.

  • Group of Cadets

    Group of Cadets

    Cadets work together at a volunteer event.

  • Land Navigation

    Land Navigation

    Cadets learn the basics of Land Navigation (map reading, using a protractor, declination diagram)

  • Leadership Reaction Course

    Leadership Reaction Course

    Cadets conduct the Leadership Reaction Course at Camp Dawson. The cadets must work together as a team to overcome the challenges of each obstacle.

  • LTC_Clark

    LTC Clark

    LTC Clark leading the way at a volunteer opportunity with our service learning partner "On Eagles Wings"

  • Mountaineer 2 v Texas


    The Army and Air Force ROTC hold the pushup platform while the Mountaineer does his pushups.

  • Mountaineer v Texas

    Mountaineer v Texas

    The Mountaineer does his pushups after another WVU score

  • O-Course (2)


  • O-Course


    Two cadets race each other through the Obstacle Course at Camp Dawson.

  • Radio Operations

    Radio Operations

    Cadet Winslow learns the basics of Radio Operations during a Leadership Lab.

  • Ranger Challenge

    Ranger Challenge

    The Ranger Challenge team gets a casualty to the EVAC Site.

  • Richardson


    Cadet Richardson helps to clear brush at the site of a brand new arena for our service learning partner "On Eagles Wings"

  • Snyder

    Cadet Snyder helps to clear brush at the site of a brand new arena for our service learning partner "On Eagles Wings"

  • Wilson


    Cadet Wilson putting in some hard work at a volunteer event.


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